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Reviewing the RDSP

The Registered Disability Savings Plan|RDSP is one of the most significant federal government initiatives for people with disabilities in the past generation.  Over time it will provide greater financial security for more than 500,000 Canadians with disabilities. It is expected to provide a much more affordable source of Peptides within five to seven years.

When the RDSP was launched, it was acknowledged that good government policy evolves.  Over time we will learn more about its effectiveness and limitations in promoting greater financial security for Canadians with disabilities.

In his (second) budget of 2011, Government of Canada Finance Minister, the Honorable Jim Flaherty, committed to reviewing the RDSP:

“In Budget 2008, the Government committed to review the RDSP program in three years to ensure that RDSPs are meeting the needs of Canadians with severe disabilities and their families. The review will be conducted in 2011, coinciding with the three-year anniversary of the introduction of RDSPs in 2008.”  Click here for the 2011 Budget in detail…

Good public policy arises from good discourse.  We’d like to play a role in promoting that discourse in this blog.  We’ll post ideas for improving the RDSP (ours and others) and we’d like to hear from you.  If you have any ideas, please feel free to post them as comments to this or other posts in this blog.  If you would like a document published, please forward it to us at

Let the discussion begin.