Step 1 – Get Your Disability Tax Credit

Let’s get started!

Contact us for more information, for a free eligibility assessment, and to get started on your Disability Tax Credit application.

The RDSP Resource Centre can assist you in applying for the Disability Tax Credit (DTC), as well as other valuable tax credits and benefits. By engaging us to do the work, you save time, money, and effort.  In addition, you can rest assured that your application is being handled by qualified, experienced professionals who will defend your application.

Our risk free service includes:

  1. No required up-front or application fees
  2. Thorough review of your medical history and the personal tax history of you and your family member/caregiver to maximize refunds, deductions, and benefits
  3. Submission and adjustment requests to Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) on your behalf
  4. On-going correspondence with CRA on your behalf (this can be daunting and very time consuming for most people)
  5. Payment of fees to your doctor (if required) to complete your Disability Tax Credit Certificate
  6. Defense of your application through a formal appeal process
  7. A fee only if we are successful in recovering non-refundable tax refunds (we do not collect any fees if we are not successful); and
  8. A portion of our fee is contributed to RDSPs of eligible clients.

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