Step 4 – Choose Your Financial Institution

Currently, you can open an RDSP at the following financial institutions and with many independent financial planners.

In Quebec, Les Fonds d’investissement FMOQ Inc. Also offers RDSPs.

Visit (1-800-O-Canada/1-800-622-6232/TTY 1-800-926-9105) for the latest information on financial institutions offering the plan.



Effective spring of 2011, Holders are able to transfer RDSPs from one financial institution to another.

You can transfer an RDSP by contacting the financial institution or financial planner that you want to transfer your RDSP to.  They will assist you with the transfer process.

Because a Beneficiary cannot have more than one RDSP, a transfer request must be completed to move a plan from one financial organization to another. The transfer must be for the full amount existing in the plan. Partial amounts cannot be transferred.

Not all financial organizations provide every service and some may have certain conditions and fees associated with transferring an RDSP, so it’s best to call ahead.


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