Who Is Eligible?

To open a Registered Disability Savings Plan the beneficiary must:

  • Qualify for the Disability Tax Credit (DTC) – To be eligible, a person must have a disability or medical condition which restricts their ability to carry out one or more of the basic activities of daily living – the DTC is for anyone, of any age.

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  • Have a valid Social Insurance Number – A person can apply for a Social Insurance Number at a local Service Canada Centre.
  • Be Under the Age of 60 – Under the Income Tax Act, eligible Canadians can establish an RDSP and make contributions until the end of the year in which they turn 59 years of age.  However, under the relevant legislation, only contributions made until the end of the year a person attains 49 years of age will attract the government Grant or Bond.
  • Be a Canadian resident – The beneficiary must be living in Canada.

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What if the beneficiary is an American citizen?

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