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PLAN’s Submission to the RDSP Review

As the folks who conceived and took the idea of a disability savings plan to Ottawa, who spread the idea within the disability sector, consulted and convened a movement of support, and lead the charge to get provinces income assistance programs to recognize the program, Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network carries a lot of moral suasion when it comes to the Registered Disability Savings Plan. Add to that their commitment to consult with their constituents – web surveys and feedback from more than 2,000 people from RDSP sessions – and their voice carries a lot of weight.

Read PLAN’s submission to the federal government, “Ensuring the Effectiveness of the Registered Disability Savings Plan.” and look at the data from nearly 350 survey respondents.

We at the RDSP Resource Centre and Ability Tax Group are pleased to be partners of PLAN – we are also pleased to see that three of their four recommendations matched ours:

1. Shorten the 10 year rule (holdback amount) to five years

2. Permit emergency withdrawals

3. Implement changes to enable adults who are deemed not to have contractual competence to access the RDSP without having to face adult guardianship.