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Welcome to our Public Policy Blog

Promoting financial security for people with disabilities and their families.

Provincial disability benefits, disability supports and aids, employment programs, health care, federal income programs, federal savings programs (i.e. the Registered Disability Savings Plan|RDSP) schools, post-secondary education, will and estate planning law, decision-making law, and the list goes on.  There are numerous laws, regulations and policies that impact people with disabilities and their families.  Changing them can have a positive impact on thousands of lives.

Our ambition is to promote research, discussion, debate and change so that public policy supports people with disabilities to live good lives, and in particular to have financial security.

This blog will promote informed discussion and change.  We’ll post research of interest: our ideas, initiatives that  we are working on, research and advocacy  of advocacy groups and, of course, we want to hear from you.

We’ve also created a special blog to highlight the Registered Disability Savings Plan because the federal government is reviewing it. Click here to visit our RDSP Review Blog.

Please post your ideas and perspectives, even if they run counter to the ideas already posted.  We won’t approve posts that are not civil, that are purely promotion and, of course spam.